Personal Training and Fitness by Profeel bilingual Personal Trainer Juliette
Personal Trainer Fitness Coach Juliette Profeel

Personal Training and Fitness by Profeel bilingual Personal Trainer Juliette

Juliette – bilingual Personal Trainer Profeel

Profeel does mobile personal training and fitness. We bring the workout to you, when and where it’s convenient for you.  It can be at your place, in your living room, in your garden, or everywhere you like it to be. Parks? Square? Stadiums? … There are many different places we can join you to work with you. We are all trained and certified coaches, and we will always find a way to make you practice, no matters what’s around us. We bring the instructions, the equipment and ensure every workout is customized for you, depending on your fitness level and specific goals.

I have been part of Profeel for two years now, and the first word that comes into my mind when I think about it is “TEAM”.  First of all, Profeel is a team. A team of coaches, all different, coming from all over the country, and working for the same goal : people well-being.

Profeel works in many different ways to bring this well-being.

A Profeel coach is able to create convenient workouts not only for each individual client, but also for groups. Couple, groups of friends, colleagues, and companies…we can work with everybody.  Thanks to our listening and adaptabilities skills, we are able to bring our personal training services to people at any fitness level, no matters the number of people.

As Profeel certified coaches, we are trained using the same methodologies (Profeel methodologies). We like to meet at least once a month to share our ideas, find new exercises or create more workouts. We employ various techniques and tools to ensure that no two workouts are ever the same.

« We like to make sure that workouts are always fun and challenging, so it remains pleasure for our clients! »

Before we first meet our clients, we ask them to answer some questions, especially about their health and fitness past, by filling a form. It is important for us to know about their medical background and sport past so we can adjust their workouts. During our clients first session, we determine their starting point and talk with them about their physical fitness goals. After all that, we work to create a custom workout plan to help them reach their goals. We track every client progress by regularly assessing their goals and restructuring their fitness plans if necessary.

Profeel also does distance coaching programs. Some people don’t have time to meet a personal trainer once a week, they are too far away from the coaches, or they simply prefer practice by themselves. They can also have a workout plan, made especially for them. For that, people need to share some of their information with us (health, sport past, objectives, lifestyle…). Thanks to those details, we are able to create personalized programs, without meeting everybody. Of course, we stay in touch with them so we can readjust the plans when necessary.

Today, I’m proud to be part of Profeel. Our team is built on two major strengths: listening and adaptability. Everyday, we listen to our clients and customize their workouts as well as possible, so it remains convenient for everybody, all along the year.

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